Protect blog pictures with watermark for free

Quick, free and easy way to watermark your blog pictures

These days have given us unparalleled opportunities to share our creative endeavours. But once we upload our creation to the internet, many think it becomes public domain. It’s of course not the case unless it’s stated so, but both private people and big brands seem to either be unaware of that or violate copyright on purpose. How can you protect your pictures and photos from being stolen and making their way around the internet?

Imagine the scenario: you upload your photos to the platform of your choice – WordPress, Blogspot, Tumblr, even Pinterest or Twitter, and a couple days later you see them used in an ad or on somebody else’s Tumblr or blog. They claim it as theirs. Nobody asked your permission or paid you – so you are obviously angry, and taking the fraudulent picture down may be very draining.

The solution is simple – you should watermark your blog pictures! A watermark is a simple, yet effective way to deal with to the problem of intellectual property theft regarding pictures. This means protecting them by placing a faint, but visible design over the picture in a way that will not take away from it’s quality. Nevertheless, it will make your pictures unusable for potential thieves.

The watermark can be anything – a picture, an icon, a logo or text. Since it is meant to represent you as the author, you are free to decide. After you create one, you place it over the picture, not obscuring the image completely, but making sure the watermark is visible and clear. Think of stock photos – they are protected in this way, and versions without the watermark are available to be purchased. Using watermarked photos clearly shows who is their rightful owner, so they cannot be uploaded to another blog without crediting the author.

“Good idea,” you may think, “but I don’t have Photoshop.” Well, no need to worry. You don’t need Photoshop or other expensive, professional programs. The internet has a wide choice of websites – such as Watermark.Expert – that can help you watermark your blog pictures. They are easy to use, and in just a few simple steps you will be able to choose the best one. No Photoshop required! Watermarking online is available for anyone.

Since there are no strict rules to watermarking, it is a good idea to look for one that allows you to design your own watermark. Watermark.Expert offers a library of free-to-use icons and fonts, so you can make your “sign” just the way you like it and save it there for future use. Personalised watermarks can add extra flare to your pictures and represent you as an artist on Blogspot or Tumblr.

If you are a photographer, then look also for websites that let you upload and watermark several pictures at once – like Watermark.Expert after paying a small fee and going “pro”. It makes it much easier and faster! Photo watermarking is an effective way to protect them and make sure they won’t be used on someone else’s Blogspot or Tumblr. If you use your name as the watermark, they will also serve as an ad if they appear somewhere else, instantly crediting you as the author.

For those who treat photography as just a hobby, but still want the picture protection, there are also a lot of websites that offer completely free watermarking. For example, Watermark.Expert requires no payment, no credit card info, no account to start using the basic functions it offers. Free photo watermarking is a great way to be safe, your pictures and your data will be! Protect your personal blog from theft!

Adding a watermark online with Watermark.Expert is quick, simple and safe. Protect your blog pictures and make sure that even if someone decides to publish them without your consent, they will still show you as the author. Free watermarks online are widely available, so there are no reasons not to use them for your blog pictures.