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Watermark.Expert makes your job easier. Instead of creating watermark manually, you can use our free online application to add text, logos, icons and shapes to your pictures for free.

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Our Free Tool will meet your needs. Thanks to user-friendly interface, watermarking your pics will be pleasant and easy.

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Just add text or logo. Pick the colors and styles. Resize it or move it to the right place. Easy!


Our website provides free watermarking service. You can place watermarks and use basic tools for free. If you need more, just buy premium version for pennies!

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We provide fast and high quality support for all customers. Feel free to contact us, we try to respond to everyone within 24 hrs. period.

How to Protect Your Photos With A Watermark And Why?

In today’s world, we all have a camera in our pockets. With the development of technology, our photo-taking abilities skyrocketed, and we are all able to take stunning photos with professional-like quality. Thus, it becomes more and more important to protect our intellectual property and prevent our photos from being stolen.

The internet is a wild place, there’s no doubt about that. With many people – and sometimes even brands – failing to recognise the authors of content they use, some precautions may be necessary. Of course, one can be safe rather than sorry and never post anything online, but let’s face it – that is an unachievable goal nowadays, plus many photographers do so to achieve the recognition they deserve. If you want your photos to be safe, watermarking them is the easiest way to achieve that. Then they will either become undesirable for potential intellectual property thieves or will immediately credit you by displaying your name, website or whatever information you choose.

First of all, what is a watermark? Simply put, it’s a form of a “signature” of the author. It’s a faint image overlaid on the photo to ensure the photo is not used by someone else without crediting the person who took it. Think of Shutterstock, Canva or Adobe Stock – pictures taken from them without payment have those characteristic greyish lines and text over them. This usually means the photo was downloaded without appropriate payment – which, sadly, happens quite often.

If you’re afraid your photos may get stolen and repurposed, then we have perfect solution for you. Watermark.expert can be used for free in your browser. There’s no need for specialised software, costly apps or even creating an account – for free, you can add personalised watermarks on up to 5 photos at a time. And it won’t be the tool’s name either – you can customise your watermark by choosing and formatting the font, adding an icon or your own logo. It’s the simplest way to make sure your pics don’t end up on someone else’s Instagram, Facebook, eBay, Pinterest… It can be scary to think how many sites are there where your creations can be displayed without your permission.

If you take a lot of pics or create plenty of images, you should consider going “pro”. After paying a small fee, you will get access to unlimited photo uploads and ready to use watermark templates. And if none of the ready-to-use templates suit your creative vision, the premium version allows you to create and save a template of your own.

With large quantities of photos, it may become tedious to watermark them in smaller batches – the premium version solves this problem by allowing to mass “sign” your pics without the hassle of individual processing. Afterwards, all of those photos can be conveniently stored in a cloud, which means safety for them, and their availability for you from any place you can imagine (as long as there’s internet). After all, the sole fact that you uploaded your photos to your favorite sharing platform does not make them public domain – the rights to them are still yours. So, if you want to justly protect your creations from improper (or even illegal) use, a watermark is the most convenient and the easiest way to ensure you will be given appropriate credit.